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About us

         The "Sóbanya" Pension is situated at 100 m from Praid's salt mine, ans awaits his guests with rooms with 2 or 3 beds. We can place in all 27 people in 9 rooms. There are 3 levels in the pension: ground floor, first floor and garrett.

         At ground floor is the living room, where the guests can spend their spare time, and the dinning room. Here are the service bathrooms, the laundry room and one room one French size bed and one single bed with his own bathroom.

         At first floor there are in all 5 rooms, in which can be placed 15 people. 3 rooms are witch one French sized bed and a spare bed, and two rooms, with three single bed. Each rooms has his own bathroom.

         The garriett contains 3 rooms, each with a French size bed and bathroom included.